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4626 Fellowship Road, Ste C
Tucker GA 30084-4626
Near downtown Tucker

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Mental Health Emergency?

Mental health emergencies, please call the Georgia Crisis and Access Line, available 24/7.

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Services for All Abilities

Michael LaChance, Program Director

Michael has over 17 years of experience working with Vocational Rehabilitation clients.

Great Day Works! LLC is a full service vocational rehabilitation service and resource provider. We have decades of experience working with individuals with different abilities, especially people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind and Blind. We understand Deaf culture and the needs and issues of sensory loss. Our aim is to help people gain the hard and soft skills they need to be ready to work with confidence. 

Our professional support team look forward to helping you or a loved one!

Mission Statement: To provide vocational services to all abilities, especially deaf and hard-of-hearing adults and youth. To help them gain the skills they need to become employable, productive members of society.

Vision Statement: To become a comprehensive vocational resource for persons of all abilities, especially deaf and hard-of-hearing youths and their families through education, training, community partnerships, and parental involvement.

We use Sign Language and other modes of communication as needed and requested.

Work Adjustment Training—WAT (Community and Facility)

Train client and monitor mobility, strengths and limitations in ‘work’ setting Realistic work tasks Proper work habit skill development Proper communication of needs 

Job Readiness Training 

Assist with job applications 

Creating resumes 

Preparing for interviews 

Gaining customer service skills 

Using office equipment 

Computer skills 

Payroll, banking decisions 

Job Coaching 

Developing supports, employer relations Job tasks analysis Job training Work behavior management 

Personal-Social Adjustment (PSA) 

Personal/Social/ Interpersonal Skills 

Identifying and Providing Supports 

Interpersonal Skill Development 

Understanding of Self and Abilities 

Stress/Anger/Emotion Management 

Methods of Appropriate Communication 

Personal Grooming and Hygiene 

Money Management Skills 

Decision-making / Problem Solving 

Health and Medicine Management 

Workplace Responsibilities and Rights 

Work Literacy 

Helping clients with work literacy skills 

Driving Written Test 

Teach clients driving rules, meaning of words in driver’s manual, meaning of traffic signs, and how to answer online quizzes. 100% passes of 23 clients in 2016.